Testimonial dari PT. OLLEH4U

Dear Nusanet
We are PT OLLEH4U, I am CTO Jeremy.
I would like to speak highly of behavior that support technical staff.
When I come back to Korea, suddenly our Firewall device was broken.
I was contact to nusanet helpdesk there are send to technical staff at IDC.
But I can’t go there just work remotely.
They are diligently support me and find out solution for F/W problem as their work.
So, I really given impression and I really think about our partnership as make harder.
That Technical staff name are dodi and manik. I’m very sorry that I don’t know exactly name…
Once again, I want admire their hard works.
Thanks you for your support.
Sincerely Jeremy Ha
Board Commissioner(CTO) PT. OLLEH4U